Tuesday, 30 March 2010


This is Tilda, she was named by Christell, one of my Facebook 'fans' (I do so dislike calling people that, but that is what facebook decrees them to be...Facebook followers, contacts, acquaintances, those are terms I much prefer...) I got so many brilliant suggestions for her name via facebook and twitter. It was REALLY hard to choose which to go for, I need to try and work out how to have a vote on here, so next time I can put up all the suggestions and you guys can vote for your favourite.
Anyway, I hope you like Tilda, I have a few more dolls lined up to list over the next few days, then we're away for Easter, and I have a show going up the week after (Pirates of Penzance at Wilton's Music Hall) so things may go a little quiet, but then I'll be back.
 I'm planning on trying to list an item a day throughout April. So I'll be making a number of smaller items and creatures to keep my puppet dolls company.


Ayala Art said...

She looks so sweet! :o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely doll!!

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