Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Open Studios

If you are around North London next weekend and fancy seeing some of my work in the flesh, as well as demonstrations of how I create my dolls and maybe making a finger puppet of your own then come along to my open studio event!
I'll be open from 11am-6pm each day, as will a number of other local artists, in the same venue as me you'll find weaving, photography and drawing.
Take a look at the open studios website here for details of who is taking part and where to find them.

Rag dolls

I'm going to be expanding the Rose Lullaby Doll family to include some ragdolls! These are some large sized dolls, I'm also working on some smaller dolls suitable for little hands.

A family on holiday

I made this family for a short film last year, this is them early on in the process - 

Then this is what they became - 

And here is a still from the film which is currently being edited - 

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