Friday, 16 December 2011

featured on frankly!

The lovely folksy folk have featured me in their online magazine! take a look here to find out about my 'essential kit'

Frankly, The Folksy Magazine

Friday, 25 November 2011

christmas bauble cards

I've been playing with paper again, and I've made these papercut bauble cards. You send your friend a pretty card, then they can very easily remove the bauble to hang straight onto their tree!
Each one is cut by hand so you can have any name or phrase you like, or an angel.
Take a look at them in my etsy or folksy shop

Friday, 4 November 2011

playing with paper...

 I've spent the last fortnight being throughly distracted from the many things I should be getting on with by paper. I've been playing with making paper furniture...

and little paper tableau....

making a paper cut of my big girl's name...

and paper cut baubles!

I'm loving piddling about with paper!

big dolls and little dolls

I've been making cloth dolls, every one individual and never to be repeated. They're all made using gorgeous fabrics, tweeds and velvets and soft cottons.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

a peek inside my sketchbook...

some doodles from the past couple of days.
I've written a little story about the girl, and will be making the creatures into pin badges.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Getting better all the time...

The comments on this post on my facebook wall have got me thinking, I've been making puppet dolls as art pieces for 2.5 years now, and the way I do things has changed over that time, even though the basic techniques are the same.
So, what's different?
Firstly, the bodies. When I started the backbone was made from sticks I found in the park and then dried out, now I use bamboo skewers. This change happened because I couldn't find enough sticks that were the right size, and straight! My first dolls were very skinny, then I started adding bigger bums so they sat better, then I started building up their bodies more. so they've gone from this -

to this - 

The first dolls definitely needed to lean against something, this young fellow is self supporting.

Then there's the skin tones. I still use the same tissue paper and glue, but I've just become a lot better at using them! My first dolls had rougher skin, like Anna here - 

Though there is something rather lovely about her imperfections, these days my dolls' skin is a lot smoother - 

Another difference is in their clothes. For a while I used glue a lot to make their clothes, I don't really know why, perhaps because I was coming from a theatre background where it's more about the overall effect than the teeny tiny details? Maybe because the dolls were so skinny back then stitching clothes onto them was harder? Anyway, now all their clothes are completely hand stitched, it's easier and much nicer.

Then there's their eyes. I started out using tiny beads, then trying to break up tiny beads, then I used fabric backed with glue and cut to shape, then thread rolled into a ball with glue, then I started doing what I still do now. I colour in a patch of my palm with the desired eye colour, I splodge a little pva into my palm, then I rub and rub and rub. The glue picks up the colour of the ink and forms into a rubbery doughy consistency. Then I cut it to size with a scalpel, and roll it into a ball. I use a little more pva to glue them to the doll while they're still soft. They then dry rock hard.

So there you go! With every doll I make I perfect my techniques a little more.

I'd love to hear how your work has evolved over time....

Monday, 29 August 2011

Mum and daughter and cat

I've just finished this commission, I'm rather pleased with them, especially the mum with her sandals and union jack symbol on her back.

Finished peggy dolls

Here are some of my littlest ladies at the Made-it Market in Cambridge at the weekend.

The market was fab, I'm hoping to make the christmas one this year, with lots of peggy angels for your tree.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Peggy dolls in progress

While my baby did this - 

I did this!

They're very much works in progress, but I'm enjoying making them. If you'd like to see them in the flesh then make sure you come to the Made-it Market!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Made-it Market

The picture says it all really! Me and my dolls and puppets will be at the Made-it Market in Cambridge on the 27th August, I'll be running mini finger puppet workshops too. click here for more information.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Open Studios

If you are around North London next weekend and fancy seeing some of my work in the flesh, as well as demonstrations of how I create my dolls and maybe making a finger puppet of your own then come along to my open studio event!
I'll be open from 11am-6pm each day, as will a number of other local artists, in the same venue as me you'll find weaving, photography and drawing.
Take a look at the open studios website here for details of who is taking part and where to find them.

Rag dolls

I'm going to be expanding the Rose Lullaby Doll family to include some ragdolls! These are some large sized dolls, I'm also working on some smaller dolls suitable for little hands.
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