Sunday, 17 October 2010

It's getting towards that time of year again....

Hello, I've been terrible at blogging over the past few months, sorry! I've been very busy with lots of fun commissions including some puppets for two short films, I'll post about them soon.

I've just listed my first Christmas Fairies of the year, I can't quite believe it's time to start thinking about Christmas already, this year has flown by.

and Flo

Francesca and Flo are finger puppet fairies. I'll be making more fairies, and I'm planning on making some boy fairies!
 If you'd like a fairy with a specific hair colour or style then do let me know.

I also have lots more Liberty print finger puppets to list, and some more puppet dolls dressed in Liberty print, I'm planing on making up for my absence with lots and lots of new things for you to see over the new few weeks!

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Jessica said...

I think your dolls are wonderful and full of life and personality! I have started making dolls myself recently. I am an artist and chef and I love creating/sharing! I would love to be blog buddies... Check out my blog if you have time and I would love to hear from you! I will be posting my most recent dolls soon!

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