Monday, 5 March 2012

A paper cut from start to finish.

This weekend I finished a commissioned piece, a paper cut of Hampton Court Palace to be used as a projection for a theatre show.
I was given a set of pictures, and told that the director liked the chimneys, I chose to work from these two images.

So I then did some rough sketches, which I refined into this design

I then placed the design on top of a sheet of watercolour paper and drew over every line, pressing down so it appeared underneath like this.

Then I spent a very very long time cutting it all out.

I cursed myself for putting so many tiny windows in the design, but eventually I finished every little bit, and it was done.

and I just had to sweep up ALOT of this...


Emce said...

wow, amazing!!

Simbie Yau said...

Wow Robyn how long did this take you? Looks great and proves all worth it in the end.

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