Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A 'get-in' in pictures.

On Sunday I embarked on a snowy journey to Richmond - bus. train, another  train and I was there. Miraculously it took only an hour and a bit - Sunday + snow + London normally equals travel chaos.

I had to get to Richmond for the get-in of 'Muswell Hill' - A play at Orange Tree Theatre which I have designed the set and costumes for. This was to be possibly the smoothest get in ever - the play's set in a modern kitchen in Muswell Hill, The floorboards had already been painted and varnished, and the kitchen was already built and painted too.

So once the last show's floor had come up, My floor boards went straight down.

Time for lunch. At Orange Tree lunch for the Stage Management/Techies consists of eggs and soldiers, the eggs are boiled in kettles... it's fast becoming a get in tradition, theatre folk tend to be keen on their traditions. Handily Octavia, the artistic director's daughter, has chickens which keep everyone supplied with gorgeous free range eggs.

The floor was laid, the kitchen wheeled in to place, and it was time for a spot of rigging and focussing of lights.

I just had to paint a door before wending my way back home in the snow.

Next morning, after a spot of early morning snowman building... was time for Sam Walters, the director to come and have a look, and plot the lighting cues.

Then it was time to dress the set with the props the stage management team had spent the past month collecting and making.

My favourite of their creations has to be these delicious looking deserts, make from not-so-delicious pva glue, paint, and sawdust, and the fake avocado and prawn starters.

and of course they also had to create versions that come back from the dining room and go into the dishwasher...

So the set was in and dressed, the costumes were ready in the dressing rooms, the lights were rigged and plotted...just add actors and you have a play.

Once they'd teched and dressed it was time for me to slope off and leave them.

I hope they have a lovely run - it's on until the 10th March, book tickets here if you fancy.

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