Friday, 25 May 2012

'What do I do now?'

Having a baby is amazing and wonderful and terrifying. When I had my first baby I spent months researching everything about pregnancy and birth and baby-care, we attended NHS classes and NCT classes. The pregnancy seemed to go on forever, the birth was terrifying, the stay in hospital afterwards was miserable.
Then we were suddenly home. With a little baby. The first night we were home we ate pizza and stared at her and thought, what do we do now?
When I drew this I was thinking of those moments.
Sorry for the lack of children's art this week, the ideas will be back next week, I promise!


Lisa-Marie said...

Robyn, it is utterly brilliant.

Also, though not a parent, I am a nanny, and every parent ever has described exactly the same feelings to me!

Anonymous said...

aw bless you, I remember those days too - I remember dimm lighting and everything being a bit fuzzy!

Robyn said...

Thanks Lisa!
and Mrsmcindoe, 'everything being a bit fuzzy' definitely sums it up!
I'm so nostalgic for those fuzzy days now that my baby's a great big school girl!

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