Sunday, 17 June 2012

On being a terrible blogger

I really am a bit hopeless at this blogging lark, I wanted to write something on here at least twice a week, I wanted to do a weekly feature on ideas for making art with children, I've failed to do either of those things.
In my defence I have been awfully busy with making and doing and showing. It's been Harrow Open Studios last weekend and this, which has been a lovely experience and has led to a number of sales and commissions. In between I've been working on paper cut and puppet commissions, running workshops and researching for a musical I'm designing which is going on tour to Australia in the autumn.
I've also squeezed in a 4 day trip to York which was wonderful, and filled with medieval art and architecture, my favourite kind.
So, I shall start my series of catch up blogs with some pictures of a fabulous installation I saw in York - The Temple of a Thousand Bells by Laura Belém in St Mary's Church. Children's art and commissions and open studios to come later.

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